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Being there and marvelling

The flower kingdom of Villa Helvetia

Once again, the squirrel was very fast: he climbed the trunk of a centenary cedar of Lebanon, sat down on a branch and stood still, looking down at us. Between his paws, he jealously guards an almond he got from our garden: he needs to stock up for the winter. We place a few walnuts on the ground near the sequoia and, while we wait, we go and enjoy a good drink in the pavilion. The bees buzz from flower to flower and to the "home" that Victoria has built for them. A robin redbreast lands at our feet, tilts its head, observes us and then takes off. Here, an ornithologist once counted sixteen species of birds. We close our eyes. We breathe deeply. We listen to the ripple of the water. We enjoy the sun's rays making their way through the palm leaves. We still have the taste of the delicacies of the afternoon buffet on our palate. Let's reopen our eyes. The nuts are gone. With smiles on our face, we search among the trees. After that, we take our book. We pick up where we left off and, accompanied by the trill of the winged birds, we catapult ourselves into another dimension...