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Our philosophy

Living is the real magic

It's the little things that make life beautiful. Even at Villa Helvetia.


A warm welcome. The chirping of birds. A coffee in the shade of a cedar tree. The scent of flowers. Sunlight that filters through the large windows in the design suites, heralding a day full of sensations.


Spending a holiday here with us will allow you to experience many moments like this. So enjoy every second. Seize the moment. Immerse yourself in a style that recalls the times of late Baroque and the nobility. Get carried away by the charm of the past as well as the Alpine and Mediterranean flair of the spa town. We will be happy to accompany you.

"A stay at Villa Helvetia? It is a gift for the soul. A break full of light-heartedness and freedom: sensations to take home and keep in your heart."
We are always here for you
With passion, spirit and professionalism

Bringing a centuries-old villa back to life seemed to be just a fantasy for the Prunner family. But, with a great deal of commitment and attention to detail, Franz, Csilla and their daughter Victoria managed to realize their dream project in Merano. An oasis of peace. A home; cared for with love from its conception.